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Our story

Since 2010 Blinckstar has stood for unique jewelry, where there is always a balance between feminine frail and tough with a velvet edge.

Paulien Nooter is the owner of Blinckstar. She has always been creative, and in 1995 her love for beads and jewelry was born. In 2000 Paulien starts her first company "Beadaway" for which she imports beads from all over the world and sells them on the internet. That year she also starts her education as a goldsmith, which she completes successfully in 2004. In the following years Paulien works as a designer for several well-known jewellery brands. But always the entrepreneurship keeps popping up, and that's how Blinckstar came into being in 2010!

Each year Blinckstar has a summer and a winter collection with multiple themes, inspired by events from the life of the designer. All jewellery is handmade in the Netherlands.


Blinckstar jewellery is made from materials from all over the world, such as semi-precious stones, mother-of-pearl, shell, freshwater pearls, glass, wood, ceramics and many other interesting, special and beautiful raw materials.

Our metal parts are Gold Filled, real silver and gold on silver. All our materials are nickel free.

Gold Filled (also known as Rolled gold), has a "base metal", or a very thin piece of metal in the middle like brass, with a relatively large amount of gold around it (see image). Gold Filled has to be stamped, just like real gold. There is always a stamp in it. Gold is available in different carats: 14, 18, 20, 22 and 24kt. 24kt gold is pure and pure gold, you can make a print in it with your teeth. The lower you go in content, the more other metals are incorporated and the harder the gold becomes. Gold Filled has, as it were, 100 times more gold than Gold Plated material and will therefore last almost a lifetime! The base metal and the gold are attached to each other by heat and pressure.

Gold Plated often has a much thicker base metal in the middle and a relatively thin layer of gold over it. Gold Plated can be gilded thicker or thinner, but the material Gold Filled always lasts longer.

Gold on silver is also used a lot, that's as base real silver 925 with a layer of gold on top, this can also be thin or thick, but unfortunately gold on silver will always eventually become silver because it wears off, so eventually you'll end up with silver. If the layer of gold is thick enough then the article may also be called Vermeil, but then the layer must contain at least 2.5micron gold. This will last for several years, but in the end it's still less than Gold Filled.